If cat cries nya, I would cry nye.
Bilingual posts around what I learned today.
Hello, welcome to my page :3

  • I’m a future Data Scientist and Engineer.

  • I’m a highschool student majored in Electronics and Network-System administration for 2 years. (Or simply DEVOPS) Currently changed my career to data science.

  • My interests lay on lowering the barriers of knowledge via technology and my skills. (e.g, Technical document translation …)

  • I love walking on my way, learning, dreaming, contributing to opensource.

  • I’m a dedicated note taker. Always searching for a new note-taking platform.

  • I’m so addicted on Science Fiction world view such as Portal

Contact me on e-mail : [email protected]


컴퓨터정보통신(IT Network and System Administration) 2015~2016
아사히카와 고등전문학교 교환학생 및 통역 (Student Exchange Program)


Backend & Frontend