Self-taught Data Scientist, Backend Engineer

If cat cries nya, I would cry nye.
Bilingual posts around what I learned today.
Hello, welcome to my page :3

  • I’ve majored in Electronics and Network-System administration(DEVOPS, Backend-development) for 2 years.
  • My interests lay on lowering the barriers of knowledge via technology and my skills.
  • I love learning, dreaming, contributing to opensource.
  • I’m a dedicated note taker.
  • I name everything.
  • I do whatever I like
  • Addicted in Science Fiction world such as Portal

Contact me on e-mail : [email protected]


컴퓨터정보통신 IT Network and System Administration) 2015~2016
아사히카와 고등전문학교 교환학생 및 통역 (Student Exchange Program at Asahikawa-NCT)

Work Experience

Full-time Data Scientist, Neurophet, Seoul, South Korea (2017.09 ~)

  • Built google cloud based automated scalable & managed cortical segmentation system
  • Developing generally adaptable fully automated whole-head segmentation application

Data Scientist part-time Intern, Neurophet, Seoul, South Korea (2017.02 ~ 2017.09)

  • Trained several convolutional neural network architectures for medical segmentation task, Implemented pre-trained model into tensorflow C++ API


Machine Learning

2017 Gyeong-gi Province Skills Competitions, 1st Place

  • Classified demographic information by internet history using Word Embeddings & Statistical Features. Received an award of $1,300



Python High-level API project for Korean NLP(natural language processing)

KoNLPy project maintainer

KoNLPy is a Python package for Korean natural language processing.


Tools that I use!

Cloud/Web service operation
Multi dimensional, multi modal medical imaging
Natural Language Processing